Chicken Rush Deluxe

Chicken Rush Deluxe

Chicken Rush is a shoot´em up game for Windows
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Chicken Rush is a shoot´em up game.
As Paula, the hen, you have to protect the chickens from hordes of savage meanies. You have to use your magic rifle that will turn the targets into cacti and stones.

The size of the file that you download from the given link is only 102 kb., as it is only a downloader. The real size of the game is the reported size.

You can play in normal mode or timed mode.

You control Paula with your mouse, shooting with the left button.

The enemies show up in lines, descending in zig-zag from the top of the screen. If they find an obstacle (say, a cactus) they turn to the other side. So, if you shoot enemies, converting them to cacti, they will become an obstacle for the enemies behind them.

Sometimes the enemies will drop some power-ups, that you must catch to earn points, weapons and extra lifes.

You must avoid the enemies to reach the bottom of the screen. If they do, you lose.

Sometimes a cactus loaded with dynamite will appear. If you shoot it, it will explode, turning all the enemies near into cacti.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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